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Justice - Текст песни Ritual In Rhodes

Thursday morning 6 a.m.

Waiting for the only train

For my girl a kiss-goodbye

Tell her there's no need to cry

Get off the train, into the plane

Flying to the sun

Hot like hell, great hotel

Longing for some fun

Primal mission pool-bar-check

Alcohol shall break the neck

Both barmen look like suckers

Just one word: motherfuckers

Madness surrounds,

hitting the town

Just some tourist stores

Back to the hotel,

a few more drinks

Next days will bring more

Poolbar drinks for free

Sunna macht mi hie

Morning fart shall blow

Ritual in Rhodes

Wake up with the morning shine

Just to miss the breakfast time

Sandwiches and coffee, white

All inclusive - that's alright
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Down on the beach,

sun is unleashed

Skin is turning red

Back to the poolbar, a lot of drinks

Make us sleep like dead

Poolbar free drinks kick

Sun just makes me sick

Morning fart still blows

Ritual in Rhodes

Rent some Harleys hit the road

Cruising all along the coast

Sun is burning from above

All that's left is one red scarf

Center-court calls, just some old balls

Afternoon sun on our skin

Jump in the pool,

swim around the bar

Having a few more drinks

Poolbar-keepers suck

Never playing rock

Hate inside us grows

Ritual in Rhodes

Disco overdose

Ritual in Rhodes

Morning fart still blows

Ritual in Rhodes

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