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  • thrash metal
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Justice - Текст песни 2 Minutes 2 Live

Leaving the club, 8 beers swallowed

Staggering straight to your car

Don't waste no thought on your recklessness

Knowing your home is not far

Starting the engine, shift to first gear

Invulnerable you are

Gaining speed with every second

You are the highway star

Run - faster

Taking the corner devil-style

Finally risking it all

Tires are losing the grip on wet leaf

Clenching the wheel as you skid

The engine's roaring one last time

You're watching the tree coming near

Never been afraid of dying Justice - 2 Minutes 2 Live - http://ru.motolyrics.com/justice/2-minutes-2-live-lyrics.html

Pain is your only fear

As the blood runs

Out of your countless wounds

You realize, you'll die

Live fast

Die young

You just got 2 minutes to live

Cut off leg, broken arms

Trapped in your wrecked pile of steel

Percieving that you are unable to move

Pinned behind the wheel

Still conscious, massive pain

Watching your live passing by

Even if help comes, it will be too late

Make yourself ready to die

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