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Justice - Текст песни Life Undead

Welcome to a beautiful nightmare

You can't escape, 'cause it's reality

Marching through a wasted land

Dead bodies pave the way you walk

Seeking the unknown

Once again you kill the nameless one

Waiting for the next command

Just another bloody massacre

I once was your victim

You splattered my brain

With violent oppression

I now will return Justice - Life Undead - http://ru.motolyrics.com/justice/life-undead-lyrics.html

Back from the grave

Live undead

Evil reborn

Live undead

Meet me in a moonless night

I suck your blood and eat your entrails

Feasting on your lifeless corpse

I gnaw the meat off the god damn bones

Though it may seem a little late

I enjoy the bitter sweet taste

Of dissipated revenge

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