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Elektroduendes - Salgo a la Calle альбом
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Elektroduendes - Текст песни Hold On

Got your letter yesterday
The things you didn't say have blown me away
Complications with the phone
No consolation when I'm sitting on the sofa all alone
So long, it was nice to meet you
I'll probably never see you ever again
Hold on, it was nice to hold you
It was a roller coaster till the end
Like do do do do do
Do do do do do doElektroduendes - Hold On - http://ru.motolyrics.com/elektroduendes/hold-on-lyrics.html
Who's getting over you
Do do do do do
Supernova girl with not so many problems
If I wasn't so crapped up
Maybe I could help you solve them
I don't mean to impose
And i don't want to be rude
But lets be honest dear
You're crapped up in the head baby
Chorus x2

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