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Elektroduendes - Salgo a la Calle альбом
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Elektroduendes - Текст песни Goodbye

Find it hard to deny you,reply to your call
You want from me, but you don't want me at all
I find deep down inside is the magic has gone
This innings is over and we should move on
Goodbye, i cried, i just had to walk away
I want you to need me like i needed you
Goodbye i cried i just had to walk away...yeah
Found it hard when you said what you needed to say. so violenet, your silence it gave you away
I fly with this tied to me feels like a tonne
This winter is oever and I'm not the oneElektroduendes - Goodbye - http://ru.motolyrics.com/elektroduendes/goodbye-lyrics.html
Need someone or something to get over you
When it's all said and done I'm not over you
How many times will I have to break up with you
Last goodbyes imply we're giving up
Outro: Goodbye, i cried, you won't takeaway
Goodbye i cried, i won't let you stay
Goodbye, i cried, you wont takeaway
Goodbye, i cried, i won't let you stay

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