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Elektroduendes - Salgo a la Calle альбом
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Elektroduendes - Текст песни Every Day's A Saturday

I got a pocket full of your kisses
And i know that I'm never coming back
I've been warned but I long for your embrace
I keep calling save me,save me
Cup of coffee and a packet of cigarettes
Up late cause lectures don't start yet
Bowl of Weetbix and a plate of bacon and eggs
Sunday morning gonna do it all again
Chorus: Elektroduendes - Every Day's A Saturday - http://ru.motolyrics.com/elektroduendes/every-days-a-saturday-lyrics.html
Every day's a Saturday
Every night's a night like this
Every time that we draw close
Every time a perfect miss
Called up my friends and I'm thinking of a barbeque
Mid afternoon and there's nothing better to do
Feeling good and they sky seems extra blue
I can almost see Utopia

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