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Dinosaur Feathers - Текст песни Know Your Own Strength

Spread your options like a fan across the floor
It's a wheel of fortune girl, and nothing more
And each one contains a thousand different lives
The only secret rests behind your very eyes

And if you held my fate, you sealed it with a kiss
And offered no explanation
And if this bottle holds the secrets that exist
I'll be at the celebration

And we can escape
And you can make it on your own some day
But you got to know your own strength girl,
Before you can cover your tracks
And in due time when you rush across that borderline
Well, you got to know your own strength girl before you can ever go backDinosaur Feathers - Know Your Own Strength - http://ru.motolyrics.com/dinosaur-feathers/know-your-own-strength-lyrics.html

In a crowded room with so many faces all attached to names
I'll be hiding underneath the stair
So, raise your glass of champagne to the mystery guests
That inhabit our lives
And I will meet you halfway there

And if I took your hand, would you lose your strength
Until I caught your eye?
After all this time, I got to hold onto you so much
And if I counted them all, thirty-seven strong, roses red and white
It still pains me girl to see those roses cut

I will knock you off your feet
I've got imagination

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