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Dinosaur Feathers - Fantasy Memorial альбом
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Dinosaur Feathers - Текст песни Family Waves

I got a secret that nobody knows
And when I am sleeping the story will grow
Out of my heart dear and into the air
It tells me to follow, but I wouldn't dare
I know if I do, it will lead me right back to your door

On your own...
Pull us together
Pull us apart
Follow the weather
Follow your heart
You'll find me there on the shore
Fighting the family waves
And nothing changes
It stays the same
After fifteen months
It's still your name that's on my lips
Until we get a chance to get back together

The tide has been shifting for years upon years
Everyone knew but it fell on deaf ears
By the time we discovered, it was too late Dinosaur Feathers - Family Waves - http://ru.motolyrics.com/dinosaur-feathers/family-waves-lyrics.html
Cast ourselves out as the victims of fate

But now we realize the power was ours all along

And I can't stand the thought
The feeling of his heartbeat next to yours
But no one knows what's said behind closed doors
There's nothing but sorries

We dream of something good
But nothing ever turns out like it should
We're falling through the cracks where we once stood
There's nothing but sorries
But sorries brought you here

Family waves are coming and I'm diving deep inside of it
Family waves are coming and you're running at the sight of it
Family waves are coming and I'm dreaming of our sons and daughters
Family waves are coming and you're heading for the open waters

On your own - fighting the family waves

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