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Текст песни I Ni Sogoma

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Dinosaur Feathers - Fantasy Memorial альбом
  • Indie
  • fave indie pop
  • freak folk
  • naturalismo
  • new weird america
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Dinosaur Feathers - Текст песни I Ni Sogoma

Shake off the cold of morning
I'll be waiting my front door
And you had the chances that no one else had
So, what are you waiting for?

Girl, would you visit my house
There's an open invitation
You can fight off mosquitoes and fight off the dark
But you can't fight the feelings that live in your heart

You're spent, so spent, how spent!

Your cousins should feel familiar
I had that feeling on my own
So, tell them your secrets like nothing is wrong Dinosaur Feathers - I Ni Sogoma - http://ru.motolyrics.com/dinosaur-feathers/i-ni-sogoma-lyrics.html
The ocean will hold them back where they belong

You're spent, so spent, how spent!

(I ka kene)

I ni sogoma - I greet the morning
I ni sogoma - I breath the dawn
I ni sogoma - And without warning
I ni sogoma - You are gone

Well you're taking off
And I had my say
One thing I have learned
There's no such thing as a bad day

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