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Confide - Shout The Truth альбом
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Confide - Текст песни The System Maintains

Law & order, throughout the land, on which our future's already planned, to
Serve the leaders quest for power, to remember our position, to respect that
Shower, who decide the masses th rich v the poor, the left and the right,
They create civil war, This is forced upon us from birth until death, we've
Heard of freedom, but it Just don't exist Systematic force rules right
Across the land, and if you don't want their future then you've got to make
A stand, everday we support the shower, the office boy, the dole girl, getsConfide - The System Maintains -
Taxed by the hour. There ain't no possession, no need for pride, you're
Just a human being, so puch that shit aside Position and status Is the trick
They use on you and If you try to be yourself, they'll beat you black and
Blue, divide and rule is their method of attack, a clever fucking trick to
Hold the people back, fight one another and you fuck yourself fool, so If
You're looking for the answer then the answer is you.

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