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Confide - Текст песни The Institute Of Dreams

Human nature beams for all to see,
The story now unfolds.
As they wonder into wonderland,
Their lives, the starring role,
He makes his move so carefully,
As he takes her by the hand.
He whispers that he loves her,
So she fails to understand.
Strolling lives, angellic passages,
With visions crystal clear.
He demonstrates his love for her.
She hides away her fears.
He showers her with prizes,
She's the first in his love life!
He piles on the emotions.
But she don't want to be his wife.
You and I will build a dream together,
Give me your heart I'll love forever,
When I hold your hand,
I start to understand,
What they mean when they say love.
What we mean when we say love.
Well now you really better love me so
Or I will hate your guts???
Your mine all mine no ifs or buts,
No one else must ever touch,
And to you I now give all my heart,
As I knew I would right from the start.
Our gold band now engages us
Within the institute of dreams.Confide - The Institute Of Dreams -
They ride the path towards married bliss,
But soemthing's just not right.
Those visions now seem so distorted,
They disagree and fight.
Both now miss their freedom.
But this contract they've created.
In acceptancve with society's morals,
A tradition that's so dated.
Looking back in time she thinks
What's life got in store from here?
Confused, twisted, sick inside
He drowns in another beer.
With tears in eyes he walks away
He's convinced that, that is that!
But absences makes the heart grow fonder,
And now he begs her to come back.
She finds a man to compensate
He wins at home, she plays away,
It's been going on a while now?
All seems lost is it too late?
But meanwhile he's out there finding solace with another,
She holds sweet truth, he keeps dark secrets she
Looks, he knows he loves her.
But he also dreams up images of all the thoughts of
Her he's missed, They patch it up for the umpteenth
Time as this tale takes another twist.
Loves a never ending question always asking why's it
Wrong to hold love and feelings for more than one,
And well that's another song.

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