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Confide - Shout The Truth альбом
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Confide - Текст песни The Guilt And The Glory

From day one they say "listen to me".
You are born with eyes but they're not to see
Keep looking straight ahead and don't let them stray.
Don't question anything, don't think or debate
Because you've seen it once before and you'll see it again
The strange disappearances of those who are the same
The same as the people who fight for their rights
Then backstab each other in middle of the night
The whining freedom anthem songs
Sacrifice the lot to end all the wrongs
"A few lives ruined but we still have the songs"
But the troops are marching on and on and on Confide - The Guilt And The Glory -

We sing our own songs; we choose our own ways
You try to ignore us, but we'll never go away
Looking down on us from your privilege and greed
Taking all you can and making others bleed
Destroying all you touch now your answers are through
I'm sure we can do better than you
The left wing manifesto, the right wing sham
Tells us we can't, but I tell you we can
They might tell us we can't but I know that we can
Stuff your lies, you know we can, we can

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