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Colony 5
  • colony 5
  • darklight
  • future pop
  • synth pop
  • synthpop
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Colony 5 - Текст песни Trackers

They're closing in I feel their breath
I cannot live without the secrets of my past
Their scent is strong my will is weak
They read my mind I cannot hide

Kill my sorrow I could die tomorrow
If you don't forgive me, my heart is still in me
I run through the night and leave neon-trails
My fluorescent blood shines through my skin
My heart is a beacon they're homing in Colony 5 - Trackers -

From probing tongues or eager lips
I brace myself from their fingertips
They touch my skin my shield is down
My eyes are black
my darkness is back

Kill my sorrow my soul isn't borrowed
So please forgive me, the trackers have set me free

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