Colony 5

Текст песни Synchronized Hearts

Synchronized Hearts видео клип

Colony 5
  • ebm
  • electronica
  • futurepop
  • industrial
  • synthpop
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Colony 5 - Текст песни Synchronized Hearts

I look towards the stars tonight
Silhouettes are dancing in the clouds tonight
I search my soul mate where is she?
I scan the skies and the seas

To electronic eyes the night is day
Light is white and dark is grey
My carbon fibre heart has fallen asleep
It dreams of love, the kind to keep

Our synchronized hearts they beat as one
Like a movie theme that?s just begunColony 5 - Synchronized Hearts -
A movie shot in black & white
That we replay all through the night

A female shape is taking form
Blows through my skin, a tornado storm
Defensive systems go off line
Optical recognition of your design

I embrace your intrusion
We disappear in seclusion
Cloaked from human view
We start our interface debut

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