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Colony 5
Colony 5 - Structures альбом
  • Electronic
  • futurepop
  • synthpop
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Colony 5 - Текст песни Band Of Brothers

We few, we happy few,
we band of brothers.
Within the crew the impatience grew,
we said farewell to our mothers.

Falling silently through the air,
like deadly snowflakes.
We are here because we care.
for humanity?s sakes.
Colony 5 - Band Of Brothers -
This is the night of nights,
to end the last resistance,
to end the fight of fights.
We are here to make a difference.

Avenging angels with parachutes as wings
it?s time to make the artillery sing
A million men, that must suffice,
the game is afoot, we?ve cast the dice.
Those things that are precious are only saved by sacrifice.

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