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Текст песни Whispering Voices

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Ancestral Legacy - Текст песни Whispering Voices

You the ones, come to me,
chosen,step into the mist,
Come towards me,
leave your life,
step into eternity.
Loose your fear,
ask no questions,
come to me, it's time to go.
Close your eyes come towards me,
step into the dark with me. Ancestral Legacy - Whispering Voices -
Come, come, come to me, come, come, come into darkness.
Let the darkness embrace you,
closing in behind you.
Once you're on, there's no escape,
you must stay eternally.
Take my hand, let me guide you,
you will see, I'll set you free.
The life you have must be forgotten,
now it's just you and me

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