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Текст песни Bleeding Tune to the Lost Souls

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Aldren Liebe - Desiderium альбом
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Aldren Liebe - Текст песни Bleeding Tune to the Lost Souls

I'll make you fell dead inside,
When you discover all about this world
Nothingness lives beside of you, don't you see?
Your rebirth has begun, prey for it

Trust in me, my pretty lady
We'll be better there, believe me

Now it's time, wake your dreams and realize them
The tribute to the mankind
It's living for death
And taste thy blood kisses forever

Your life arrive to sadness end
You don't need to see everything like they do

Thou feel the pain of this new beginning
Take away all the muzzle of new time
Aldren Liebe - Bleeding Tune to the Lost Souls -
And walk complete with yourself
Recognizing who they are
And for what we fight

Bring me your tears
Now and forever

We will pray for your dead bodies
And for your angel reborn
Sanity is a word created by the man (2x)

Dance this Bleeding Tune to the Gods
Let than know how grateful
Thou are for that new life
And sorrowful soul

There's always one next life
To try.

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