Текст песни Prayer Of Sorrow

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  • Metal
  • black metal
  • death metal
  • female fronted metal
  • gothic metal
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Cadaveria - Текст песни Prayer Of Sorrow

Imploring visage
An invisible barbed wire has encircled your wrist
Leading you to an irrepressible scandal of sincerity
I will quench your eyelids forever, so that you stop
feeding yourself with others' memory
Presage of intimate speeches and of obscure and obsessive fantasies
Unavoidable condemnation, complicity, extraneousness
I will never know your truth, nor you mine. We will always be uncertain
about life. Bold human beings with severe look,Cadaveria - Prayer Of Sorrow -

who climb the mountains of loneliness
Trembling in the panic of desertion we librate in the luxury of a bitter calyx
To know the secret of love that doesn't ask anything
I don't want to be forced to laugh just to gratify you
I want to startle in a harmonious discretion
To dance in the funereal garden of roses, to deny a divided god
To say the prayer of sorrow, to lose myself in an angelic orgasm.

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