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Ancestral Legacy - Текст песни Where There's No Tomorrow

Darkness is sowing,
weak souls are growing,
under the hands of the great emperor.
Your time has come now,
you'll see that somehow,
once you get something you'll reach for some more.
Fools, like all of you,
will lead you to...
eternal autumn -nights, without the light, no hope in sight. Dark visions from the -past, no joy will last,
all glee is vast... Ancestral Legacy - Where There's No Tomorrow -
until the day will -come,
when all is done, when all but one...
have turned their backs to you...
You'll repent. You'll get to.
You're penitent, it's haunting you.
Black forces rising, no compromising,
beyond the lands where there's no tomorrow.
All that you live for,
lust when you want more,
your self destruction won't give me sorrow.

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