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Текст песни Strange New Feeling

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Ala Boratyn
Ala Boratyn - Higher альбом
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Ala Boratyn - Текст песни Strange New Feeling

On a day like everyday
i woke up too late again
with a new song in my head
everything was easy

but my friend was feeling down
said she had a broken heart
and she didn't like my song
cause it wasn't a-bout love

why are we so crazy about it
what's so special about love Ala Boratyn - Strange New Feeling -
why can't we just live without all this falling in and falling out

there was gossip in the air
someone was in love again
someone said it could be me
and i couldn't stand it

felt like running way
with the song still in my head
and a strange new feeling too
you were right behind me

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