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Ala Boratyn
Ala Boratyn - Higher альбом
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Ala Boratyn - Текст песни Angel

Hey Hey Angel,
Tell me what happened
Why your glow isn't light up in my way,
No one knows me and I forgot your face,
Who would hold my hand,
When I feel so sad?
Tell me who will be my best friend
And who will make free, like you do?
I wanna see your eyes,
I wanna see your lips,
Whisper to me....

And I'm waiting so long,
I'm feeling so sad,
My hands are so cold with you not there,
I don't know myself,Ala Boratyn - Angel -
My glow isn't strong enough...
To light up my way.

Hey Hey Angel, tell me would it happen?
Would you come down and want me again?
Tell me, don't you miss me?
Tell me, you won't kiss me,
I wanna hide under your wings,
And fly away to that place where I will be safe...
Will be safe...

Just show me, what sign,
Just tell me if everything is so right
I wanna feel that someone is watching me and really cares for me...
really cares for me...

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