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Ala Boratyn
Ala Boratyn - Higher альбом
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Ala Boratyn - Текст песни Higher

On a big mountain
oh i climb high
to touch the sunshine
and feel the wind blow against my face
now it's my turn to shine
so you better listen to my
heavy steps and the beating of my heart
now i'm higher and higher
but one day i will be fallin'
i wanna be on top
i don't wanna be a flop Ala Boratyn - Higher -
i'll never drop it
and i'll never stop it
better to be early than
to let it pass you by

When you've got a big chance
don't let it slip through your hands
life is like a big race
you've gotta break the chains
no matter what they say
no matter what they think

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