Текст песни Temple Of Rancid Filth

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Abaddon - Текст песни Temple Of Rancid Filth

My heart is a black temple

Cold and empty as Satan's abyss

All I am is poisoned flower

Spiteful and hateful

My heart is rotten and sour

Touch it, it beats malignantly

It hates you, I hate you

I spit with spite. I spit. I spit

Death. Death. Death. DeathAbaddon - Temple Of Rancid Filth - http://ru.motolyrics.com/abaddon/temple-of-rancid-filth-lyrics.html

I invert all of you and your lives

Look no longer to the sky

You who have dared touch my Black soul

Will now wither and die!!

My heart is Satan's abyss

Temple of Sour filth

Foulness pumps through all my veins

Filling within me a mighty spite

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