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Abaddon - Текст песни Nihilist

Shadow culture arise a call to arms

The time of burning has come

Armed with bombs and hatred

A new holocaust of Christians has come

Balors one eye is watching us

Our hearts grow cold to all life

The hour for devastation of humanity

Is ours in which to rise and burn

Wrath of the black wraiths

Force of hate devastate

Goat cults rise to strike!

Building a Dark Age. Burning the old age

Architect soldiers. Armed with malice and bullets

On into final war. Burning human scum

Nuclear fires rage

Nothing will stop us from burning these fuckers

Reaffirming our stranglehold on humanityAbaddon - Nihilist - http://ru.motolyrics.com/abaddon/nihilist-lyrics.html

Our webs grow even tighter

A intricate design of a web of laws

To choke you ugly things

We are more beautiful and brighter than your God

You are small and ugly. We detest your weakness

We will obliterate your ugly race

And the devour your God

Holy repulsive humans

We wash your filth in atom fires

Born of hate we will kill you

The ancient signals reaffirmed

Death is our king he is back

666 destroyer of man

5 billion worms dead at fast

The beast awake man is dead

My hopes are done. I weep with euphoric joy

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