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Abaddon - Текст песни Atrocity

Cursed evil that destroys our earth society.
Conforming our minds since birth and yes we're
alive in the land of the dead and like lambs to the
slaughter are led to a place where the holy and evil
are wed and with a shovel yes you will be put to bed
man kind dies atrocity human race extinct apathy
life's end prophecy global genocide atrocity unholyAbaddon - Atrocity - http://ru.motolyrics.com/abaddon/atrocity-lyrics.html
religions of man that deceive
doctrines of falsehood which we believe
but watch in the end we will all
be judged the same governments not gods
are to blame we're the victims to their political
games and though chemicals and toxins, their deaths shall reign.

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