Wet Desert

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Wet Desert
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Wet Desert - Текст песни A Different Day

i 'm sitting at the station on a filthy bench

and there's one big thing that i hate

whenever i'm in time the train's already gone

when i'm early it's ages delayed

i'm passing by the village where the girl of my dreams

lives in - she's what i'd die too see

i love her dearly but i know

she doesn't love me

help me to resocialize

from dancing in the shit i made

i cannot find a single difference

it's the same crap with a different day

i remember yesterday i was sweating

and the chances for a second summer had grown
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today it's below zero and i

left my jacket at home

i'm facing the most beautiful girl in the world

she smiles at me ""hey, where are you from?""

i swear, i try to respond

but i don't know how to move my tongue

my baby's gone, my best friend took her

when i shortly looked away

i thought i could trust them

but both of them led my astray

i heard a wise man say ""boy, keep fighting in life

and i tell you, i'm sure you'll get far!""

well i think he should tell that

to the friendly man who stole my car

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