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Versus The Mirror - Текст песни IATECIVILIZATION

She reaches for his hand
(and the savages)
Circle round with whipcracks in their eyes
(and a taste for more than modern jazz.)
The sweat gets in her eyes
(and becomes confused)
With the tears that gladly show her fear
(as they race to the corners of her scream.)

"Stay low, it's time"(they tell her)
"Follow our lead"(they cry)
"See how many times you can withstand....."

"there's no real point in running,
As there's no real place to go,
For the wires at the edge of this world won't let you go"
Says the boy with the ocean eyes
That invited her to dive in
And forget herself in an airless salty tomb.Versus The Mirror - IATECIVILIZATION -

"save me" she begs
"then save me" he calls
"we'll save you both from this bitter pill called "life"....
And the circle closes in before her eyes.

(and) All of this
((and) All of this)
Just goes to show
(just goes to show)
That sense exists
(that sense exists)
In the most senseless of acts.
All the times
(all the times)
She heard the words
(she heard the words)
(her lullaby, a mantra for her life)
Counted for nothing at all

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