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Versus The Mirror - Home альбом
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Versus The Mirror - Текст песни Hey, Lazerlips

In the desert you will find me, malfunctioning malcontent that I am.
I spend my days staking out the warmth, the light, the life that's denied me here stuck inside this sweet metallicorpse. And when the moment comes I have my six-shooter at hand, I shoot at my android version of will.
If this is all they're aiming for then why'd they even try?
If I'm the sum of the progress of mankind.....
If entertainment's the object of this game I've saved the best joke in my book until the last......
One two - I calculate (then)Versus The Mirror - Hey, Lazerlips -
C D - I'm learning....
By friday I'm in fucking love.
A clockwork heart is hard to break, but that being said, it's even tougher still to mend.
I'd cry if tears were all it took to convince the world that I am more than a machine. I'd scream if that wasn't mistook for a meltdown of the processes that constitute myself.
So I'm out for revenge, I'm picking off foes and friends because they all amount to one, and that or zero is where I'm from.
I swear that I don't dream of electric sheep and......

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