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Tzu - Computer Love альбом
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Tzu - Текст песни Got to Do

[Seed MC] It just hit the season, everyone breeding Slap on my face, elevate my breathing I just gotta see her so I'm off and leaving Tracks wind back to the coliseum The villagers and aristocrats uneasy Horde for the spectacle, they want to see me The sun done shine as they take their seating Arms in the air, wave around like seaweed And nothing be as good as you chick We got a special unique loose fit And everything we do is to prove we tuned in We sticking to each other like paper to glue stick Reminds me of kittens and newspaper Slipping in and out of it all like two vapours Intertwined and we smoke ring crusaders Caught in a crux, I'm calling it love or All that above and below the surface This contact sport got me sort of nervous Bliss, with an itty-bitty sort of purpose Likely to cause all sorts of hurt, let's go [Chorus: Seed MC] One thing that I really want to do Get close and personal with you That's one thing I just got to do Eh, eh, eh Caught deep in the deepness of the blue I'm sick from the sweetness of ah you You're one thing I just got to do Eh, eh, eh [Joelistics] You got class like red wine and soul tunes And when you laugh, you can light up a whole room You play your mind like a beautiful instrument Cut a fool down to size with your intellect Yeah I know you're kind of scared of getting intimate We both hold back from really getting into this Well let's risk it, see what come Because we fit together like bass line to bass drum I know you got a lot to do love We all do love, looking for true love And ain't it just like love to get you confused love Win and lose love, well then we'll make new love We all run from something so strong We give up, then we get back on We both get busy with a lot to do But if you'd like, well I'd like to do a lot with you, so c'mon [Chorus: Seed MC] [Chorus: Both] [Seed MC] Sometimes it's early in the morning Outside the sun is shining So we just stay in bed The world is ours, we can pretend Sometimes it's late into the evening We are silent, we ain't speaking Because nothing can be said Round and round it goes again [Chorus: Both] {X2}Tzu - Got to Do -

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