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Ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum-ba-dum... [Joelistics] Are you in it for the fame or the dames or the untamed need to explain? It's a shame so many rappers sound so lame when they tell you their name and proclaim they are worth international acclaim They just sound the same like they just found the game and they play it like pilots grounded in name Now refrain cause I'm fed up again Hip Hop became like a storehouse chain Too plain, too stained by the individuals sounding typical, identical to every other fool While they're tryna rock and drop shit, I'm dropping rocket jewels Cool, breaking all the rules So smoke your sense samilla, painkiller from Manilla This is gorilla B-Ball, fair on the snare for the blue-collar worker working for the dollar Holler loud if you think this system treats you unfair Sunup to sundown, runners up get run down Beat in the forefront back to the background Back down while I bounce around and I go to town and break ground Cause I'm about more than eight bars in a punch line I'm about more than battle raps in a party rhyme I'm about more than tall tales of street crime Each time I rhyme, it's sublime I'm about more than the "Yes, yes y'all" Throw your hands in the air, sing "Hey, hey" But if you only understand the lowest common denominator I'ma give you what you want and some shit to ponder later Ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum-ba-dum-ba-dum... [Joelistics] I will verse with word, immersed in the word Fight with the word when I flirt with the word Take flight with the word when I work with the word Shine bright with the word when I recite words Cursed with the word, I am bursting with words Nursing the word when word is born Verb to noun torn when I perform Now I form a storm with these words well worn I'd like to have a word with the world at large With words I'll weave this work of art Pull it apart and put it all back together Word for word, now letter for letter Hm, front lawn to my backyard slang I'm doing my thang when I chill and hang I bring the bang like GANGgajang Now let me take a second just to pay for the tang For all your critics who chill and relax Listen up to the snare kicking the hats And if it collapse then we'll fill in the gaps cause we meant it to happen like that, perhaps And all the fanatics who be loving the tracks I'll make your sign ap-snap like whip cracks The better the beat and the better the raps and we'll put it all down on 24-tracks Ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum-ba-dum-ba-dum... [Seed MC] Yeah, yeah, yeah... One and two and three, music move the feet For centuries people use the beat to free the speech and keep the peace and speak the defeat to assemble the ritual Reach the deep and recite the spiritual Ignite the literal insight from another identity Massively fascinate the attention of man Impact just like disaster can Demonstrate the crux of who you am Invigorate the body, carry out the master plan From cumulonimbus to altostratus The soul apparatus of the artist The light-hearted and cathartic Soul of the solitude, heart of the party A cardiac arrest, a sarcastic activist, a catalyst for copious amounts of cannabis listen, now... Jig to the rhythm, this inhibition is definition Jig to the rhythm, this inhibition is definition of what?Tzu - Curse of the Word -

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