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Tristania - Widow's Weeds альбом
  • Veland
  • Morten / Veland
  • Morten / Moen
  • Einar
  • doom metal
  • gothic
  • gothic doom metal
  • gothic metal
  • symphonic metal
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Tristania - Текст песни Wasteland's Caress

I mourn thee by dusk
I mourn thee by dawn
Crave for thy gloss
to seek the silent glades beyond
precious a glance
thy veils now unfold
tearfull she dance
into this nightfall I behold

Grieve at night
Thy bereavement and thy loss in life
Grieve by day
Thy devotion and thy pass away
Tristania - Wasteland's Caress -
Beyond the veils of dawn
from where she Siren calls

The sunset seize within as I walk
Through velvet dusk and dawn
condemned to rise and fall
So grievous through the night she calls
the beauty I once lost
I mourn thee my beloved

Far beneath thy heavens lost
where I once pale and cold
beheld thy rarest rose...

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