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Tristania - Rubicon альбом
  • Hoeyvik Hidle
  • Anders / Vistnes
  • Ole / Bergoey
  • Oesten / Moen
  • Einar
  • emotionless emo
  • gothic metal
  • impressive
  • oh great
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Tristania - Текст песни Illumination

What if you vote to change the world?
It's time to let your voice be heard
Make a difference
Watch and you will learn.

Don't you trust me?
Say, don't you feel the way that I feel
A new direction is what we need
Don't you want justice?
God bless the strong and brave and free
The wheels are moving
Be strong and believe.

Man the noblest beast of all
Our fate is to lead
Some might say we've been misled
I'm dressed to make change
And Phil is always there
To tell you what went wrong
I'll feed you little pills
And you won't go astray
They'll help you on the way,
They'll help you on the way.

Don't you hate it?
We'll get the snake back under the heel
We'll bring back justice
Go spread the word
God bless this nation
God bless the strong and brave and free
We'll use the power and burst through the streets.

The more they mock our way of life
The more the conflict escalates
Now they strike into our faith
We will sure retaliate.Tristania - Illumination -

Master! Tell us what to do
Our minds are pure
Our hearts are true
Master! Speak to us of war
Will we be victorious?

Children kneel with me and pray
You were blind but you will see
You must break the web of lies
And Illuminate the sky.

Words are wasted
I know you feel the way that I feel
God loves the faithful and hates the beast
We've brought back justice
God bless the strong and brave and free
We'll use the power and bust through the streets.

Master! Tell us what to do

Alt tar slutt
Alt vil bli flammars rov
Love fornying når klokkå slår
Løfte du blikket
Alt som er dødt forgår
Alt som har skjedd vil skje igjen

(Everything ends
everything will be the prey of flames
Promises renewal when bells toll
Lift your gaze
everything that died will be forgotten
everything that happened will happen again)

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