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Tristania - Rubicon альбом
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  • Ole / Demurtas
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  • Tarald
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Tristania - Текст песни Amnesia

Were words too vague
Disarmed and desperate
But after all your call
Was inflammable

So you slip into the fire
I am watching it transpire

Wholehearted help
Distressed and desolate
So changed and frail
It's all unmistakable

Words passing through
The unforgivable
Eyes cannot hide the pain
And she still yearns
Let goTristania - Amnesia -

Breaking out and breaking down

The last thing I remember
Soak the embers with your fuel
Your fright is your defender

Faking your tomorrow
Life is good for the pretender
Our precious memories
Are shattered and dismembered

We will wear the lies we share
Forfeit future, truth or dare

So you slipped into the fire
I was watching it transpire

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