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Silence The Messenger - Текст песни Destructionist

These words are the ones that you'll remember
As slander in your name, wretch, and you know you deserve this
Now I'm done breathing in distorted truths,
This is the aftermath of all of your ignorance.
I hope that you've learned to cherish and hold on
To all of which was once yours.
My eyes will forever bleed this retribution until
I'm satisfied with the agony you receive in return.
You are the disease that I'm sending to Hell.
Regurgitate the lies and everything
That you ever promised to me,
And still you know that you're not even close
To comprehending this hate I spit at you
One day when you think your lacerations have healed,
You will know the following as the truth:
The sun will set to rise and will consume itselfSilence The Messenger - Destructionist -
A thousand times before I'll ever let this lie.
The day will come when you're standing in your own filth,
Up to your neck with regret.
You'll be deserted and left to rot in the abyss you've created
Years of hope have all been in vain and now I'm waiting here
I'm left with everything that we thought was beautiful,
Now all that I can do is watch it waste away.
Get under ground bitch.
I hope that all this was worth it.
Your descension into Earth is perfection.
I hope you found what you're looking for in desolation,
There's just one more thing you should see...
Open up your eyes and see what would have been reality
This is what I get for having faith in fabrication.
Know that this is your punishment, destructionist.

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