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Текст песни Bad Day

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Sami Yusuf
Sami Yusuf - Without You альбом
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Sami Yusuf - Текст песни Bad Day

It's been another bad day
Just saw a dog get hit on the freeway
With my stomach in my mouth
I almost hit a truck driving in the next lane
Spent all my money on beer
And i've got rent to pay
I was late again this morning
I'm laying in the bed i've made
If i had a fall out shelter
Bad DaySami Yusuf - Bad Day -
I could lock myself inside and sleep
Somebody could come and drop a bomb on me
Maybe then something would change
Lately i can't stand people
They're always rubbing me the wrong way
I don't feel like smiling
It wouldn't look right on my face
That's just the way i feel
It's been another bad day.

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