Paul Revere And The Raiders

Текст песни Legend of Paul Revere

Legend of Paul Revere видео клип

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Paul Revere And The Raiders - Текст песни Legend of Paul Revere

In a little town in Idaho
way back in sixty one
A man was frying burgers
gee - it seemed like lots of fun
But to his friend the bun boy
he confessed its misery
I think I'd like to start a group
so come along with me

And all youth stations
accross the nation
Please play our records
for your congrecation.

The band soon started booming
they were raking in the coin
They found few new musicians
and persuaded them to join
And Paul Revere decided
since they had such new-found fame
We need a fancy title
and The Raiders they became

And all youth stations .... Paul Revere And The Raiders - Legend of Paul Revere -

They soon packed up for
to read their fortunes there
But streets aren't really paved with gold
and you can't live on air
And then Dick Clark
approached them
said I know a thing or two
I'll put you on a TV show
and make big stars of you

And all youth stations ...

Now thins are going groovy
and we really can't complain
thou the pace of rock 'n rolling
nearly drives us all insane
Everybody's bushing
saying give it all you can
to come to think of it
our business manager's
our biggest fan

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