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Текст песни Hungry

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  • Barry Mann
  • Cynthia Weil
  • Rock
  • chameleon
  • classic rock
  • garage rock
  • rock protopunk
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Paul Revere And The Raiders - Текст песни Hungry

Note: The following lyrics are taken from recordings by ear and are probably imperfect; I'd appreciate getting corrections! -- matt,

__ Hungry __ (Paul Revere and the raiders)

Eb B C

F Eb F Eb

girl you got this need to know what I'm all about

F Eb F Eb

there was something that you dig you can't figure out

Bb Ab

now you want to know what moves my soul

Bb Ab

and what dips inside of my brain

Bb Ab

well I got this need I just can't control (with "ooh")

Bb Ab C

and it's driving me insane

I can't take it, ow, because I'm

== 1: ==

F Eb Bb C

hungry for those good things baby

F Eb Bb C

hungry through and through

F Eb Bb C

I'm hungry for that sweet life baby

F Eb C

with a real fine girl like you

(rif, fast)

I can almost taste it baby
Paul Revere And The Raiders - Hungry -
and it's sweet as wine

F Eb F Eb

there's a custom-tailored world that I want to own, someday

Eb F Eb

with a special place of hiding we can stay alone, you and me

Bb Ab Bb Ab

girl I'm gonna' have it all someday if you'll just hang on to my hand

Bb Ab Bb Ab

if I break some rules along the way, you gotta' understand (with "ooh")


it's my way of gettin' what I want now, 'cause I'm hungry

== 1 == (last section says on F, not the fast riff)

(add following lines:)

well I ain't gonna' waste it now

when it's finally mine

(chords like intro:)

Eb Bb F

gonna' live each minute, bill the often days (with "aah")

Eb Bb F

'till I've had my fill, ah girl I'll be rollin' in it

Eb Bb F

yes, yes you know I

Eb Bb F

will, yes I will, wahhh!

== Guitar == (repeat above part two times)

== 1 == (no last section)


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