Orphaned Land

Текст песни Thee By The Father I Pray

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Orphaned Land
Orphaned Land - El Norra Alila альбом
  • death metal
  • folk metal
  • oriental metal
  • progressive death metal
  • progressive metal
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Orphaned Land - Текст песни Thee By The Father I Pray

Fons et origo boni ple luxque perenis
Salvificet pietas tua nos bone rector, eleison

The golden wine flows through my veins
I know the meaning behind the holy words
A lesson must be learned - so listen all
Let your heart rule or we all must fall
We cry out for help, a prayer for your soul
When you will know the end is near,Orphaned Land - Thee By The Father I Pray - http://ru.motolyrics.com/orphaned-land/thee-by-the-father-i-pray-lyrics.html
you will faster crawl

The whole body withdraws with the pain of birth
And once again I know the true meaning of life
Once again I know that looking through their eyes
...As they came with their love...
I know the truth of life and it lies before my eyes
The truth lies within you know
The truth lies within the holy words

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