Orphaned Land

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Orphaned Land
Orphaned Land - El Norra Alila альбом
  • death metal
  • makes me wanna headbang
  • oriental metal
  • progressive death metal
  • progressive metal
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Orphaned Land - Текст песни Of Temptation Born

From the arising of the golden sun
To the gloomy shadow of the moon
The wind still whispers
While I'm standing here by myself
I'm waiting for a sign that could lead me
Away to the land of the divine
But when weariness starts to affect
The eclipse of the sun come to earth
I hide from the sun and try to live
And I know in my heart
(That) this is a life that God can not give
I still carry in my mind
The feeling that I'm blind
I still carry in my mind
The fear that something is behind
Tear, left bareOrphaned Land - Of Temptation Born - http://ru.motolyrics.com/orphaned-land/of-temptation-born-lyrics.html
Rule the whole earth
The dark will rise
I await its birth - To die
I see gray in the sky
And pray for rain
But the sky slowly becomes blue once again
The spirit of God controls my mind
The divine - The unearthly Lord
He left me a sign - Made me a God
I lie in eternal coldness
I'm trying to find
The thing I couldn't find
Nowhere else in my past life
My spirit sours into heaven
I reincarnate into a cold-black raven

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