Oi Va Voi

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Oi Va Voi
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Oi Va Voi - Текст песни Pagamenska

There were jewish musicians who, who's life music was (?)
A jewish wedding or a jewish holiday can not go by without shedding a lot of tears, we must do a lot of crying.
We cry always. When a baby is born we cry. Why? Tears of joy.
When the baby becomes Bar or Bat Mitswa we cry, when we leave them to the weddings, to the choepa, we cry. Oi Va Voi - Pagamenska - http://ru.motolyrics.com/oi-va-voi/pagamenska-lyrics.html

All nations the world over, all people, whenever they celebrate the new year. They dance into the new year. We swim into ours, we used to say, because if you went into the rosj hasjana, if you walked into the synagoge you could swim into the ocean of tears.
Oi va voi, this is your name, oi va voi

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