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Oi Va Voi
  • Ammar
  • Nik/breslaw
  • Josh/bryant
  • Leo/levi
  • Stephen
  • World
  • alternative
  • chillout
  • jewish
  • klezmer
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Oi Va Voi - Текст песни Hora

It's all about identity
Construction of a family
Of difference and simile
What I give you and you give me

It's all about identity
This tribal sense of dignity
Of tolerance and unity
Of prejudice and bigotry

It's all about identity
A web of who we'd like to be
Let's cut and paste our memory
A dark and timeless industry
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It's all about identity

A strength and solidarity
A dazed, confused desire to find
A place and time in history

It's all about identity
Or how the sheer majority
Impose a predetermined badge
And wait to judge you silently

It's all about identity
A retrospective odyssey
But where I live and who I meet
Are stronger in defining me

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