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Nargathrond - Текст песни Aiming Higher

Midnight, lights are out
The path is clear, no one in sight
Dark deeds in the night
Who can tell, who can blame me?
Shadows cover me as I sneak into y our privacy
Stealing, a way of life ? rejected by society

In for the kill
Crossing any line I will

Aiming higher
We've got to pull the brakes before the
World's on fire
God's creation's falling, falling
Nargathrond - Aiming Higher -
One desire
Rule the world, enslaving mankind
One denial
The final hour will come and we shall see
His face

Daylight, I'm on TV
Rubbing faces in the dirt
Just sit back and enjoy the show
Where you're the star
White men across the seas
Selling iron, stealing gold
I must do what it takes
My name is Greed, I'm here to stay

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