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Jamie Tate - Текст песни Daddy Let's Dance Song

Printed with permission
(Bob Crumley, Lane Caudell, Jamie Tate)
Bodell Music (BMI)

Remember when I'd stand on your shoes
Hoping for some time with just you
I'd hold on tight cause I'd wanna play
You'd look down at me; that's when I'd say

Daddy, let's dance
Twirl me around, don't let me fall
Daddy, let's dance
Hold me right now, give me one song
Daddy, let's danceJamie Tate - Daddy Let's Dance Song - http://ru.motolyrics.com/jamie-tate/daddy-lets-dance-song-lyrics.html

Remembering my first high school prom
You said to me, "where's the time gone?"
A knock at the door, but he'll have to wait
The first dance is daddy's, so we'll just be late

Repeat Chorus

You've walked with me all through my life
Today's walk has made me a wife
Smiles with tear drops, it's my special day
But, I'm still your little girl, so I've got to say

Repeat Chorus
Daddy, let's dance

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