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Haifa Wehbe - Metakhda

انا مالي متاخده ع الحال ده مش واخده يا قلبي لا اهدى ماتقولش لا ولا اه يا قلبي على مهلك استنى ينهدلك ماتشوف هيستهلك قبل اما تجري وراه بقى معقولة بسهولة اوي كده انا ارتحله واشتقله اوي كده انا مش ساهلة في الحب اوكي كده ومش مرة واحده بقى معقولة اصدف كلامه انا مش بسهولة احس بغرامه انا لو هاجري ورا انا شوقي ليه طب واحده واحده هاعمل نفسي مش واخده بالي مش هاحكيله ولا اقوله مالي مش هايبنله انا ايه جرالي قال يعني مش فارقه وانا حاحلفله يتعب معايا دانا ناوياله يجري ورايا واما يقللي داب من هوايا يومها هاقول عاشقة عادي هاعمل نفسي عادي يعني ماجتش على المرة دي انا لو سبته وهو قصادي Submitter's comments:  V=A -- live
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Haifa Wehbe - Taken (Английский перевод)

What's up with me being taken, I'm not used to this type of situation, Oh my heart be calm, don't say yes or no

Oh heart take it slow, wait for him to call you and see if he deserves you before you go running to him

Is it possible and so simple like that, that I can just feel comfortable with him and miss him like that

I am not that easy in love and not all at once

Is it possible for me to believe his words like that, it's not easy for me to feel love

If I chase after him my passion is for him, ok take it one by one

I'm going to act like I hadn't noticed, I won't tell him what's wrong with me

I won't let it show, I'll act as if it doesn't make a difference to me

And I will promise him that he will have it hard with me, I have it planned for him to pursue me

And when he tells me he's melting from my love, then I will tell him I love him too

Cool, I will play it cool, I won't switch up my rules for him if he's standing there I'll walk away

Haifa Wehbe - Metakhda - http://ru.motolyrics.com/haifa-wehbe/metakhda-lyrics-english-translation.html

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