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Текст песни Under My Shallow Skin

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Grand Alchemist - Текст песни Under My Shallow Skin

Times are changing, confusion to define
Haunting scars and tokens through my line
We did never actually meet
And now it's too late
I am cold and can no longer entertain
Those who don't care

Dreams to conserve the virtual reality
I reach for the level above the (puny) naivety
I saw them like a bunch of slaves
In the depth they are all fakes

In chains my body is boundGrand Alchemist - Under My Shallow Skin -
I am and you can't change the fact that,
She I love is not she I care for...

I am waiting and waiting and dreaming
But I can't imagine what the dwell is for
Consecrate to the outstanding misery
I fuck the black flaunting leather whore

The touch of this knife makes me wonder....
The say life is so cruel
I guess they're just afraid
To open their minds
And see what's inside?

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