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Grand Alchemist - Текст песни Solemn And Sophisticated

Drink up boy, have fun
Disregarding if you run
Incoming temptation
The art of creation

Solemn and sophisticated
My soul flies away before I die
Solemn and sophisticated
Have found my diabolical eye

Solemn and sophisticated
Illusive work to deny
Solemn and sophisticated
Have opened my real eye

I don't know the taste of your heartGrand Alchemist - Solemn And Sophisticated -
If you can't do it yourself,
Just walk away from me

"I took the life from your friend last night
And then fell in love with you
Just call me a fool
(would you stand on your feet?)
It is not always the right thing
To be good?"
A Fusion of illusions and facing truth

Considering the air is sealing
Considering that I breed in mud
The intensive pulse of knowing
That tonight is the night.....

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