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Gospel - Текст песни Wading Through Deep Waters

I been wading through deep waters trying to get home
but the waves of sin they dash so high sometimes i
think i'm gone but when i think i'm gonna sink i hold
my hands up high and the great big hand of god comes
down and takes a hold of mine

Vers. 1
Well as moses led the childern of Israel out on Egypt
land before him was a big red sea the lord said moses
strech for thy hand and the big red sea just rolledGospel - Wading Through Deep Waters - http://ru.motolyrics.com/gospel/wading-through-deep-waters-lyrics.html
back and they walked on through dry land

Repeat Chors. 2X

Vers. 2
Well as peter went to meet the lord walking on the
sea he turned around he saw the wave and he begin to
sink Peter cried dear lord please help me and jesus
he streched forth his hand like he do for you and me

Repeat Chors. 2X

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