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Goofy - Текст песни Things Could Be Worse

Well this is not steam fish and rice,
But mi know seh this yah tune nice,
Weh dem say, voice a carry price
Alright ready fi roll the dice

Well as long yuh no dead and lidung inna no hearse,
Things could be worse
Dem could a rob yuh chain and thief yuh gal purse,
Believe mi it could a worse,
Yuh could a enter a race come last an not first
Trust mi rude bwoy it could a worse
Yuh could a sick an nah have no money fi doctor nor nurse
Believe me to God it could a worse

Verse 1:
A man crash an bruk him hand an bruk him foot and bust him head,
Things could a worse cah yuh know yuh coulda dead,
Through hard livity him get meagre like tread,
It could a worse than that yuh could have AIDS like Fred,
Him a bawl say him poor thru him have a one bed,
Then suppose yuh out a road a sleep pon cardboard spread, Goofy - Things Could Be Worse -
Though him bruk a one finger sympathy him a beg,
Then suppose yuh fi lose the whole arm, foot and leg,

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2:
Fi all wha yuh have just be thankful,
No bother say it little bit yuh ungrateful,
No bother watch a next man thru him plate full,
Inna yuh heart just have love don't be hateful,
A girl a bawl like a baby thru she get a small craw,
Then suppose daughter, dem did fi bruk all yuh jaw,
Mi see a man upset an mad thru him nuh get nuh visa
The suppose yuh fi see Joe with yuh girl Lisa,
A man have twenty pickney an just lose him job,
Believe me rude bwoy that sound kind a bad,
Pon top a dat the brother just get rob,
If that was me mi feel mi woulda mad
Him fraid fi come a road him tun big time coward
Weh mi fi say to him tell mi nuh God
It could a worst than that cause yuh never get stab

Repeat Chorus

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