Glory Of This

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Glory Of This
Glory Of This - Adoration альбом
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Glory Of This - Текст песни Sway With The Structure

Feels like the first time, that I've ever dealt with this

But I've walked the fine line too many times I've got to feel it

With my hands to know where the holes that I've made are so I can fill you in

I need to fill you in

Do you feel like, you can find

That nothing makes it silver lined?

Here we are again, with nothing to say

Don't get used to things that break because they will one dayGlory Of This - Sway With The Structure -

And when the fragile is mistreated,

It makes a sound that can't be mended

I love that sound, the sound when we break

It's all imaginary it's in your head,

Nothing's casual, you're counting on it.

Wouldn't that be nice, but nothing's, as it seems.

So much for broken glass and dreams.

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