Glory Of This

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Glory Of This
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Glory Of This - Текст песни Loose Lips Sinks Ships

Truth holds the very foundation we're based on

Every word that passes over your lips is a reason to doubt

It's hard to carry on, I can't rely on this

It's just too hard to earn your trust I have my own battles to fight

With no help I'll still survive

Uncensored, there's nothing holding you back

You have no excuse to hold your breath

What's said is said, don't regress

Look at the big picture, silence is best.Glory Of This - Loose Lips Sinks Ships -

Grind your teeth at the thought of someone believing

Choose your own way and you won't have to follow

Wake up and open your eyes

Lies build walls that you can't climb too far from reach.

I can't imagine how nice I'd be if you spoke the truth, so goodbye

You'd get so far, if honesty was a value not a task, so I'll see you

Reaching up to the sky for the answers, dishonesty runs deeper than blood

I can't believe that things turned out this way

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